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Creating connections

“We want to mobilize our managers and experts to social media and support our sales and brand in a smart way.”
“We need a hire-in manager to help us out with marketing and communications.”
“We have this data. Can you help us with concepts and content?”

In this kind of situations, I step in. I provide Marketing and Communications Services for large and medium-sized businesses and organizations and marketing agencies. Both in Finnish and English and with trusted partners when needed.

Social Media and Digital Communications Trainings

  • Personal Training for experts and managers
  • Corporate-wide Employee/Evangelist Programs
  • Writing Training for corporate groups

Content and Social Media Planning and Production

  • Content and Social Media Strategy
  • Concepts and content production based on goals, data and customer journeys. Posts, videos, podcasts, white papers, web articles; you name it.
  • Hire-in marketing and communications manager


My clients include social media and content marketing (e.g. Isobar, part of Dentsu Aegis Network); training & education (e.g. Metropolia), insurance (e.g. Keva), media (e.g. Otavamedia OMA), sports (e.g. Aaba), associations (e.g. The Finnish Bread Information), top companies within e.g. construction and marine.

Me in a nutshell

As trainer, I challenge executives and experts to form own opinions and put things into practice in real-life and online trainings and longer processes. I encourage, energize and help both organizations and individuals.

As partner in MarCom and Comms projects, I make things happen with you. You will never ever hear me saying “it is impossible”​.

By education I am a Master in Social Sciences from Helsinki University (Communications, Organizational Change, Social Studies) and a life-long learner. My love to influence people with stories and sell – especially for a good cause – comes in my genes. Already at the age of ten I published two magazines.

How can I help? Let’s be in touch!

Katja Alaja
Trainer, Storyteller, Change Agent
Katja Alaja Creations Oy
+358 40 702 8141

Training & Public Speaking / Social Media / Professional Brand / Professional Development / Change / Digital and Content Marketing / Storytelling / Sales / Journalism / Project Management